We use some of the best equipment in the industry to help us do our job quickly and efficiently and provide you the best service possible. 
  • Large capacity hauling truck with 55' boom
  • Mobile chipper
  • Free use of our portable Log splitter to customers
  • KX080-3 Rubber Track Kuboto Excavator with angle blade
  • Our unique, pattended, ultra-agile stump grinder!(dealer rep for Canada)

Do you need to remove that stump in your yard? Our stump grinder can go anywhere, any place no matter grade or the confines of the working area; we remove your stump with ease and efficiency. We can remove any size stump!
Did you know that stump grinding produces excellent organic rich mulch? It composts very well and is an excellent source of organic material. We can leave the mulch for you to use for your garden and flower beds or truck it away, if you would prefer.

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